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Who’s the Boss?

Miss Trixie would not allow me to leave the house without her this morning as there was a storm in the area.

I adopted her from Kansas City Sheltie Rescue almost 2 years ago.

She can boss you around any time right, Shirlee?

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  1. Its In the Contract, read the contract , LOL ;)

  2. What a beautiful girl, lucky dog to have a wonderful home!

  3. Who is the boss?

    Well…Little Miss Trixie of course!

    She is very pretty too! LOL

  4. Miss Trixie is a real beauty…..I also have a Trixie who is a border collie/lab mix and just turned 15 years old in May..and going strong….

  5. She’s precious and I love her name. ;) My Trixie is a border collie who is also terrified of storms. She senses them hours in advance.

  6. That picture is sooooo cute & Miss Trixie is absolutely adorable… I love her smiling face. What a “cupcake”.

  7. I am so glad you and Miss Trixie have each other. She is a lovely sheltie girl. Looks like she is beginning to do some paperwork for you. ONLY a sheltie can do that. Love to you both.

  8. Miss Trixie is the boss & if she says stay home on a stormy day, the best thing to do is stay home. If it clears up later, she’ll let you take her out to play if you’re good Shirlee!

  9. I’d call in sick for her, if I were you ;) Bless you for adopting!

  10. Yes, Miss Trixie understands that people respond to positive reinforcement and has found me to be a fast learner.

  11. Miss Trixie is beautiful and so wonderful you got her from a rescue.
    She looks soooooo happy & a loving dog for sure! Can see she has
    a loving home!!

  12. Congratulations Shirlee, you made a wonderful choice, judging from her pose I would be hard pressed to say who benefitted most from this union. I would say from the smile on her face and the wisdom in her eyes, Miss Trixie gets just about any thing she wants. She is so wise and regal looking, how can you not bow to her every wish and command?

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