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All for you, mom!

Lukas the gardening Sheltie shows off his blue bonnets and indian paintbrushes in central Texas.

Sheltie in bluebonnets

He has excellent gardening skills, Caity! :)

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  1. Nice picture he is so cute!

  2. Lukas is so pretty, and what a handsome fellow in amongst his field of flowers…Picture card material for sure!

  3. A Blue Merle amongst the Blue Bells :)

  4. What a lovely calendar photo of Lukas amongst the flowers! That’s one smart gardening Sheltie!

  5. Lukas is one little lucky fella, very, very handsome! Many years to you both!

  6. hard to tell whose more cute, the fur baby, or the flowers

  7. Lukas enhances the beauty of his exquisite garden. It may be the prettiest one I have ever seen! He really does have great gardening skills and I guess he is resting with his pretty little tongue showing. Thanks for sharing Lukas and his garden.

  8. what a pretty picture! That should be on a calendar somewhere.

  9. what a lovely picture! :-)

  10. Wow! Such talent, you can tell he loves his job, just look at that smile. What are his hourly rates? Does he travel? Lukas is a stunning Sheltie Caity, I’m sure you are very proud. Lots of long, happy years to you both.

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