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Aloha. We’re here for the luau.

Amaretto the Sheltie and his best friend Fritz are dreaming of a Hawaiian holiday?

Sheltie and friend with lei

Fantastic photo, Ralf! Can we come with you?

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  1. That is THE cutest pair!! I love how similar/different they are in appearance! Precious.

  2. OH! Sweet!
    I have my giggle for the week — thanks!

  3. Hello friends & fans of us ;-)

    I (Amaretto) and my buddy Fritz have a litte Hawaii-Story in pictures.
    If you like it, take a look at

    greetings from rainy and gray and cold Germany

    the Hawaiidreamers Amaretto & Fritz

  4. My ahhh moment for today..What a happy looking couple of cuties..Thankyou for making my day!!! lol

  5. These two buddies are so adorable! I love their Hawaiian flowers and how they are posing for the photo. I hope these two have a wonderful life, even if they do not make it to hawaii.

  6. What an ADORABLE pair!! Amaretto and Fritz sure know how to pose for the camera. Amaretto looks so happy and Fritz is sitting like such a good boy with that lei on his ear.

  7. Fritz looks hilarious with that lai on his ear! My bags are packed ;)

  8. OMG does Fritz have a lei on his ear? This is too cute even for a Monday morning! Amaretto & Fritz are ready for fun together, they’re definitely invited to my next luau.

  9. What a great picture. Thanks for the smile of the day :)

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