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Beach Boy

Merle Sheltie on BeachHaruki looks like he is enjoying the beach this summer, Dannie!

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  1. Nice looking sheltie, what a cute expression

  2. Haruki is one adorable Sheltie! What a beautiful beach pose …it will make a lovely calendar photo !

  3. nice photo of a handsome boy. He’s smiling ear to ear!

  4. He looks like he’s surveying his kingdom. What a handsome boy!!

  5. What a handsome furbaby in a striking pose with a beautiful backdrop, just look at how Haruki is laughing at the world, as if he were saying, “Having a wonderful time, wish you were here.”

  6. Hi is awesome! Very distinguished…

  7. He is smiling and loving it there.Beautiful picture and he is very pretty too!…lol

  8. Wow!!!! What a gorgeous dog. Make a great sheltie calander pic.

  9. Wow, Haruki looks very handsome on the beach! I love his smile. I am glad he enjoys it and has the opportunity to be a beach boy. Thanks for sharing your lovely sheltie with all of us.

  10. Haruki & Dannie,
    We all wish we were so lucky to be at the beach this summer!
    Enjoy your holiday weekend! Haruki is one pretty pup!

  11. Love his smile! Cutie!

  12. He sure does look like he is enjoying it! What a beautiful shot and pose!

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