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Dude, Bark Softly!

Naughty Claussen

puppy barking at cat

Poor Dante, Lysette! His face is hysterical though!

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  1. Too cute! Love Claussen’s expression! What a cute Sheltie boy!

  2. This made me LOL. My vet says every puppy needs to tangle with a Tom cat just once in order to learn a healthy respect for cats.

  3. Yes, too cute for words. Dante looks like he has had just about enough barking from Claussen.

  4. Since Claussen is a sheltie, he may not be able to bark softly! Hope the kitty understands. Both are adorable.

  5. Someone is about to get 5 across the eyes.

  6. That’s funny! What a picture.

  7. Hey Dude..that,s hard on me ears ya know !!! COOL IT ! hahaha

    Priceless! ……………lol

  8. Awww My puppies name is Loki!

  9. What a hysterical picture! I love the expression on Dante’s face! I can totally imagine all the captions it would receive on the “I Has A Hotdog!” site. :)

  10. This is way too cute and that puppy fuzz is to die for. Dante looks like he’s say… is this kid for real?? While Claussen is say… I’m a Sheltie, hear me roar!! Thanks for sharing Lysette.

  11. The expression on Dante’s face has been observed on the faces of some of my nieghbours when I walk my sheltie Thor. The rest give him treats!

  12. You’ll find this picture next to “whatEVer!” in the dictionary. Dante looks exactly like a modern teenager saying that.

  13. Poor Claussen, my guess is he is about to learn a valuable life lesson at a very early age! Agree, Dantes’ face is priceless, from the looks of it, this can go either way, “he’s just a baby, he’ll learn or, I’ve just about had enough of this.” Claussen is a cutie, wishing you lots and lots of happy years.

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