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Guilty Sheltie?

Scotch says: “Don’t look at me. I don’t know where your yogurt went.”

Guilty Sheltie

I dunno Stephanie, he looks pretty guilt free to me! :)

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  1. haha thanks everyone for your wonderful comments. yogurt and ice cream are his favourites and he always needs a full wipe-down after :) gosh i love him to bits!

  2. Boy, oh boy, do we know that look … and that telltale evidence!
    Super photo of a handsome boy.

  3. haha I get the same lokk from Kelly..Who?……………..Me??????????????

    lol He is very pretty too!

  4. What a cutie pie! Yes, I have two shelties that are on a health kick, too, and love to lick out my empty yoghurt container when I am done with it. They know mom had to leave something in it for them to enjoy……Yes, love those ears, Scotch….

  5. Scotch is so very handsome! I would give him all the yogurt he could eat. Our shelties love to lick the bottom of my cups of vanilla.Thanks for sharing Scotch with us. He is one gorgeous sheltie.

  6. AHAAAA that is too funny!

  7. Scotch… you are the ultimate ANGEL BABY!!!!

  8. LOL! He really gets into his yogurt, doesn’t he?!

  9. Yogurt by eyes, right where container rim hits. Check. Yogurt on tip of nose. Check. Adorable face, hard to get mad at? Of course! Scotch you’re a (cute) pill!

  10. Ah-h-h Momma, look at those soulful eyes. Of course they are as guilty as all get-out, but those pretty little brown eyes will “talk” them out of any thing! However, it is a little hard to fall for it this time. HA-HA-HA-HA! But I bet Scotch still gets away with it . . .

    This baby has beautiful markings and I love, love, love those little tipped ears.

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