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Hey, Look What I Found in the Sofa!

Sheltie dog on couch

Paige, of COURSE you bought that sofa just for Buddy!

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  1. What a beautiful Sheltie boy … and so deserving of that spot on the sofa!

  2. Boy do I recognize that look! I agree with Robby’s comment about pre-emptive stick eye. Buddy’s saying “you’re not really going to try to sit here, are you! ” One more thing I love about our Shelties. They think they are furry people…and they’re right.

  3. How dare you bother him with pictures after his long day at work Mrs. Paige! Haha :)

  4. Heheh looks like someone just woke him from a nap, or he is telling you to back away from the couch!

  5. Buddy is so handsome! One of my shelties loves my couch too, but not throw pillows, she knocks them off! I finally stopped putting the pillows back. We know who rules the couch! Our shelties!

  6. Buddy knows where to go ..

    .Funny how they , like us have their special place for comfort and relaxation…Buddy is very pretty…
    Kelly jumps up on my hubby,s rocking chair as soon as he leaves it..Then when she sees him coming..she hops off and waits for her chance to take it over again..So funny !

  7. Buddy looks so comfy on HIS sofa. Shelties have a way of knowing their place at the tops of the pack! He is so very handsome. Thanks for sharing this with all of us.

  8. How adorable! He makes me want to cuddle up right next to him.

  9. What a handsome boy Buddy is! He looks positively regal curled up on HIS sofa!

  10. Oh my goodness!!! I just love this shot of Buddy and the look on his face is priceless. He seems to be saying… I am a sheltie and life is GRAND, now leave me alone! Buddy surely is a fine looking sheltie!!

    • Oh, believe me Tina, life is grand. But then Buddy and his brother Timmy have made it that way for me many times over. . .love and joy overflow!!

  11. I LOVE finding a sheltie in my sofa, especially when said sheltie wiggles over and somehow ends halfway on my lap!

    • Buddy is not the huggable loveable type since he thinks he is a working dog. . .but he will tolerate me a little. Then, he wants his ‘Sheltie’ space back:)!

  12. Ho ho, that is a pre-emptive stink eye, intended to prevent you from using the sofa. ROTFL

  13. YIPEE! I’ll take one also please . . . it would make my year to find one of these little cuties in my sofa. I’ve got a brand new loveseat any baby can claim for their own, even has their own pillow(s).

    I love those eyes, they seem to be saying, Are you taking my picture AGAIN, can’t a fella get any sleep around here? Buddy is such a handsome young man, he’s going to have to get used to the camera, right Paige?

    • He is a funny boy! He and his brother, Timmy are opposite. Timmy loves to travel, ride in a car and get his picture taken. Buddy is the opposite. . .work, work and work, unless he has that sofa:)!

  14. You could never say no to a face like that! :3

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