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If Puppy’s Happy, Everybody’s Happy!

Cadfael says: “thanks for the walk, mom!”

Cute Sheltie on grass

Happy boy, Janice. What a sweet face!

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  1. I WANT to KISS the nose. Ohhh to cute

  2. I’m Cadfael’s dad–just in case some of you actually do think he’s a puppy, I should point out that he’ll be 11 this December. He’s kept his puppy face!

  3. What a georgeous puppy. I love the unusual color, and the adorable sheltie smile. Makes me want another puppy but I think a 3 year old girl and 4 year old boy is all I can handle.

  4. OMG Than kyou !!!!! Another AWWWWWWW moment for me this morning

    So adorable is Cadfael…lol

  5. What a cute little face!

  6. Be still my heart!! It was love at first site seeing this most beautiful puppy.

    Enjoy this precious, precious little one.

  7. Yes, Cadfael sure is a looker and the camera sure does like him! No bad shots for him.

  8. My goodness… what a beautiful face you have Cadfael. Posing so perfectly for the camera and melting our hearts!!!! Thanks for sharing your handsome boy with us, Janice!!!!! :)

  9. Such a pretty sheltie!!

  10. Thanks for my aw-w-w-w moment to start the week. Cadfael is such a little cutie, look at that sweet smile. He looks like a little teddy bear that you just want to hug and squeeze and kiss that soft little head. Lucky you.

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