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Oh. Are You Working?

Well Shea, it IS Monday.

Sheltie dog under a table.

:) Jenni

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  1. Thank you everyone! Shea knows just the look to get her Mom’s attention. You can be certain she has lots of play time and treats with those eyes and face :)

  2. When Beau feels like I’m been on the computer to long, he comes over and pokes me in the butt with his nose, I get up and he runs to corner)game playing . He lays down and then I put my head on his shoulder and rubb his belly until he’s had enough

  3. your little furry reminder that all work and no play is no way to spend the day. hope you were able to get a little work done!

    p.s. Linus and Lulu say hello!

  4. The eyes say it every time..And they also get me every time.
    Shea is so pretty too!
    Thankyou for my Ahhh moment this morning…lol

  5. I’m with Sullivan. The eyes have it!

  6. Poor Shea. He has to let his mommy work for awhile. His gorgous eyes tell the entire story. Thanks for sharing your handsome sheltie with us today.
    I hope he gets all your attention SOON!!

  7. That’s my Cody for sure! He usually just likes to lay beside me while I am on my computer!

  8. Oh, what a face! :) I just wanna squish and kiss that cute little face!!!

  9. Shea is a beauty with such patience and those dreamy soulful eyes. Be still my beating heart!!!

  10. Oh, how I know that look!
    My Cisco was a “Sheltie teen” at a time when I was very busy trying to meet writing deadlines. At one point I lifted my head from my work to discover that every toy in the house had been brought in and laid at my feet and I hadn’t even noticed! Bad Mom! After that I made sure to schedule breaks for my little beloved.

  11. I work from home and mine is always sleeping under my desk with me…I take small ball breaks with Cassie. She is a very sweet looking girl!

  12. These beautiful little babies say so much with their eyes, boy are we ever going to be in trouble if they ever find voices! Come on Mom, work can wait . . . just throw the ball, you know you want too! Lucky you Jenni, Shea is a beauty.

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