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Sheltie Doppelgänger, Take Two!

Remember cutie-pie Logan and his Doppelgänger?

Well, Victoria meets her maxi-me, Roxy!

Sheltie doppelganger

Double the cuteness, Lisa!

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  1. Oh my… what beautiful and unique coats Roxy and Victoria have!! Such a perfect photo, Lisa.

  2. How absolutely adorable they both are. I have never seen the fur color combination so they are quite the pair. Thanks for the great picture of these dogs that are too–make that two — cute!

  3. So cute!!

  4. Even their noses match. :)
    They’re beautiful!

  5. They look so intent. Never saw a collie or sheltie with coloring like that. Just gorgeous!Adorable shot!

  6. Talk about Double-cuteness for sure..Beautiful!

  7. They’re so much alike (and beautiful!) it’s almost spooky!

  8. Aww! How cute are they together?! I want a collie to match my sheltie.

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