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Sheltie: For Your Own Protection

Cooper says: “OMG run while you can!” I’ll keep it busy!

LOL, Denise

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  1. OMG, that’s too funny. Our newest Sheltie Hannah chases light reflections. Got to get that on video. She also loves the sprinkler. Aren’t our Shelties entertaining…

  2. So glad it is not just my Sheltie who does this! I just thought he was maybe a little -weird-. He knows if I pick up a hairdryer on the other side of the house before I even turn it on!

    This video is great I lol’d hard!

  3. OOOOH! COOPER!!!! How cute are you???? Precious!! My Copper used to do that!!! Ask for a big kissy from your person from me! :)

  4. Cooper, you’re doing a great job keeping your hooman safe from the blower!

  5. I don’t LIKE it! Make it STOP!

  6. Cooper is cute and funny! Don’t Shelties have those funny little nuances about noisy machinery?! LOL!

  7. Cooper is such a cutie! There is nothing quite like a sheltie to protect you from air blowers, garbage disposals, aluminum foil (don’t ask) :-)

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