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Sheltie Happy Meal

Ruffle (sable): “Wait, I have to SHARE my birthday burger with her?”

Carmen (tri-color): “Yep, happy birthday!”

shetland sheepdogs and birthday burger

Be sure to tell Ruffle that her birthday is coming too, Barbara. ;)

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  1. What a great pair!

  2. Now those are two proud shelties!

  3. They are both adorable! Happy Birthday Ruffle!

  4. Happy Birthday Ruffle … enjoy some of the goodies Carman! Beautiful Shelties!

  5. haha So cute..Happy Birthday Ruffle..I like your name too!, and you are both little Sheltie wonders… and..Carman ..enjoy your piece of the birthdat celebration….lol

  6. You’re sure lucky your Shelties like to pose. If Jake sees me bringing out the camera, or cell phone camera, he runs for the Hills!!

    He’d also probably try and eat that candle as well. ;-)

    • Too cute of a picture!!! What little beauties too! Happy 8th Birthday Ruffle. I love your name… I almost named my Brighton “Ruffy” after the racehorse Ruffian.

      • Ruffie’s full name is actually:
        Chrystalships Ruff’n’Ready, so short version is Ruffian, Ruffie, Ruff, Ruff-o-matic, Ruffster, you KNOW how many nicknames we wind up with for each dog, right?

        But the thing is, he was named that by the only other person that did agility at my workplace at that time, and she had won the AKC nationals at one point, so I thought it would be good luck if SHE came up with a name. And she did, and Ruffie also has won a different nationals THIS year! So you see, it worked!

        Thanks for ALL the nice comments, folks. I go to when I need a pick me up, and it NEVER fails to do that for me! (Besides looking at my sweet dogs of course. :-) )


  7. Now thats some good focus there, both are smiling for the camera when there’s a cheeseburger in eating range! Too cute

  8. WOW!!! These shelties surely know how to pose for the camera. They both are so beautiful; I just want to pick each one up and give them a big hug. :)

  9. Happy birthday, Ruffle! You’re both so beautiful and well behaved!

  10. Very cute!

  11. Know what I love about Sheltie Nation? EVERYTHING!
    Sheltie faces are so expressive — and the captions are just perfect and absolutely hilarious.

  12. Both their expressions are so cute. Carmen’s smile is so big, and Ruffle looks great at 8! They are an adorable pair.

  13. So cute! Shelties love their treats!

  14. What beauties both of these babies are. Carmen is laughing, knowing that Ruffle’s has to give up some of the goodies. Don’t worry Ruffle’s, Carmen’s birthday will be coming at some point and pay backs are a real bite in the ha-ha! Barbara, do you spend all your time grooming, both coats are gorgeous?

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