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The Cutest Summer Snowball!

Sasha is a beautiful and well loved double merle.

So, so pretty, Nancy!

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  1. Sasha ~ what a sweet baby….

  2. Sasha isn’t cute – rather, she’s an ethearial-looking little beauty. What a striking baby.

  3. Wow … what a stunner! First time I’ve ever seen a double blue merle Sheltie … she must be very special!

  4. What a wonderful photo. She sure is a special fur baby.

  5. Sasha, you are as beautiful as the flowers that surround you.

  6. What a beautiful little girl she is, and love the backdrop! I can bet Sasha loves to play hide n seek in the snow!

  7. Sasha has the perfect backdrop for her beauty. I love her tilted head and lovely ears. Enjoy Sasha and thank you for sharing her.

  8. I haven’t seen a double merle since we got our previous dog as a puppy; his grandfather was a super furry double merle. Sasha is incredibly lovely and is quite the eye catcher!

  9. Wow what a beautiful dog!

  10. How beautiful! You are so very lucky to share your life with Sasha :)

  11. Sasha looks like a dream, a sweet dream.

  12. Sasha… you are one sweet angel baby! What a beautiful portrait!!!!

  13. Such a beautiful little double merle; I love the tipped ears, it makes them look so innocent ;-) and the head tilt just adds to the illusion. I’m loving all the purple flowers, with those kinds of backdrops, it only enhances the beauty of the fur-babies.

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