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Completely BUSTED

Nice try Matlock!

Sheltie with head stuck in box

He should get points for style, right Clark?

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  1. don’t eat the whole box Matlock, or you’ll get a tummy ache & spoil your supper!

  2. This is just way too cute! When I opened SN all I could do was laugh! Way to go Matlock, he has his own schedule and is not waiting for Mom and Dads’ . . . we have always said of the Sheltie’s, if they only had thumbs they wouldn’t need us! Atleast we know there is never a dull moment at your house Clark, such clowns our little furbabies are.

  3. This is just to darn cute! In my book Shelties can do no wrong;)

  4. LOL!! This is so funny and cute. Leave it to a sheltie to keep us amused!!

  5. This is too funny and cute. What a little character.
    and very resourceful!

  6. ahaha

    Matlock wasn,t waiting for his pal to get his Breakie..He gonna get it himself!!! Way to go Matlock…right down to the last morsel !
    Thanks for sharing..Love it!…lol

  7. Matlock is determined to get to the bottom of it! Sweet little guy!

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