Sheltie Nation

Dangerously Cute!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

super cute Shetland Sheepdog puppy

Jesse James, you are a heart breaker!

Thanks to Mitch & Kristi

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  1. OMG Priceless…and makes me want another one too !

    What is the best heartworm med to give to our Shelties????

  2. He makes me want another puppy!

  3. Aww what a baby!

  4. Me want Jesse James.

  5. Another totally precious Friday fuzzy. Love the little bandit.

  6. What a little burst of cuteness! And I love the name. Reminds me of my sheltie’s name – Indiana Jones.

  7. He is a wonderful and sweet dog. More of him can be found at:

    Thanks so much!

  8. OH MY GOSH!!! My AHHH moment for today Jesse James you are amazingingly beautiful,and that Blaze on you face is awesome ! I would take you in a heartbeat!

  9. I love the puppy fuzzies. What an adorable, snuggleable boy. Makes me miss my boys puppy stage.

  10. Now he is something Sweet!!… Wishing you both many years filled with happiness and joy with your new baby.

  11. Oh, I am in love with Jessee James!! What a little lover he is and oh so perfect and innocent. I would love to cuddle up with him and kiss his gorgeous face. I wish you both every happiness.

  12. OMG! Love that blaze! I want to pick him up and squeeze him!

  13. Oh what a cutie!

  14. He is such a cutey!!

  15. I think my husband is trying to slay me. I had not checked Sheltie Nation yet this morning when he sent me this link with an evil little smilie face!

    I miss the fuzzy fuzzy puppy stage. Goodness that face!!!!

  16. awwwww! so cute!

  17. I am swooning over Jesse James. He’s the total package!

  18. A VERY DANGEROUS ad popped up with todays’ Sheltie Nation!
    A KILLER, in fact, for those who do not know.
    NEVER, EVER give IVERMECTIN to a Collie breed dog, which Shelties are considered.Erroneously or not, they are.
    Ivermectin can KILL them!!
    They need something like Interceptor.
    Please watch those ads more carefully!

  19. What a beautiful baby Sheltie. My heart is melting!!! So precious and innocent!! WIshing Mitch & Kristi many happy wonderful years with beautiful Jesse James!!! I love his name!! :)

  20. Aw-w-w-w, be still my heart! This looks like Jesse is going to be the total Sheltie package. There’s the puppy fuzz, the folded ears, the beautiful face blaze, a hint of a smile and I believe I already see mischievous in those eyes. And I know he has already stolen your heart, lucky you.

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