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Maddy, can you come out and play?

Or could it be that Shelby is problem solving how to open the door?

Shetland Sheepdog and dog in crate

I dunno Kathy. Could be trouble! ;)

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  1. UH, oh! You may have double trouble when the larger one gets out. Enjoy these two darling doggies!!

  2. This is so sweet!! I would love to see them running around playing

  3. Awww Shelby is ready to play. C’mon out Maddie!

  4. She’s probably sayin “What ya in for?” :-)

  5. Just five her 5 minutes and Shelby will have that door open. What a little cutie pie! Even though little Maddie looks like a real sweetheart, I’m guessing there is lots of mischeviousness there too, and I see lots of pranks and shennigans in your future with these two. Oh Kathy, how much fun is your house going to be?

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