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No, I DIDN’T enjoy my BATH

But Logan you look so pretty now!

Shetland sheepdog closeup

He only looks slightly mad, Gloria? ;)

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  1. He is quite possibly the handsomest sheltie I have ever seen..well, apart from my 2;)

  2. It deserves repeating; What a handsome little boy!

  3. OMG ~ Logan you are so gorgeous!

  4. What a beautiful dog he is!

  5. LOL. My two got baths this weekend and had much sadder faces than this! But I do think they enjoy the end result. Logan is very handsome and I really like his name.

  6. They know is a necessary thing to maintain their beautiful looks. Shelties know that they are gorgeous. At least I do.

  7. Nothing a cookie can’t cure Logan. Maybe two cookies if it was traumatic.

  8. Oh my.. what a beautiful angel baby!!! Logan, you are one fine looking sheltie!!!

  9. What a handsome little man Logan is. I’m looking at the slight arch to the left eyebrow as if to say, I don’t want to do that again any time soon.! And the slight smile says, That is, if it’s OK with you Mom. See these beautiful babies don’t need voices, we just read their faces and that speaks volumes. Logan really has pretty markings and that is a beautiful coat he is sporting.

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