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Poor Kevin and Ripley are Dolphins fans.

After their loss to the Jets, Ripley says “don’t worry Kev, we’ll get them next time.”

sheltie kissing owner during football game

Awe, Maritza. Sheltie kisses cure every ill!  :)

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  1. Love the picture and the matching jerseys. Ripley is a doll! I bet he helps his team win NEXT time.

  2. Aww that’s too funny!

  3. Hi..I am back for my AHHHH moment to start my day!
    I too love the matchin jersey,s!!!
    .Ripley is saying..That,s okay pop…Next time for sure!

  4. Matching jerseys! Too cute. Guess we’ll have to get our little gal a Raven’s jersey so her and dad can cheer the team on together.

  5. Ripley is the ultimate cutie pie in his little football shirt. There’s nothing like watching the game with your best bud.

  6. RIpley looks like a real team mascot in his shirt! And yes Sheltie kisses do make things better.

  7. Just look how many of us are lined up for one of Ripley’s kisses! He is absolutely adorable in his Dolphins shirt, just offering Dad a little comfort. He is really a pretty Sheltie.

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