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Halo says: “I am not sure about Abby and her puppy play!

Shetland Sheepdog puppy playing

Awe, Teresa!

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  1. What a cute pair! My Molly was a blue merle and boy did she get the compliments. You are so blessed to have two beautiful and harmonious shelties! Enjoy!

  2. Aww..Halo is not too sure about this little bundle of fur…but pretty soon wil all be good and …Fun ! Abby has awesome marking and will be a little show-stopper! Halo looks so much like our Kelly…Many years of lots of fun and love for you all!..ENJOY!

  3. Abby is saying, Listen, I got something important to tell you. Before this is over, you and me are gonna be best buds! Although from the look on Halos’ face, she may not be too sure right now, but she will soon agree. I also agree with Lum, Abby’s markings are striking and she will stand out in any crowd. Halo is a beauty all her own, since my Bambi was sable I am partial to that beautiful color.

  4. Halo says – what did you guys do to me? I was happy alone……..

  5. Just beautiful! Enjoy them and keep the pictures coming!

  6. Wow, look at the markings on that Abby! Please keep sharing photos as she matures; she’s going to be a beauty. These two look like they will have tons of fun together and be tons of fun to watch, too. Lucky you, Teresa!

  7. Looks like Abby is trying to give Halo a hug but Halo has that look of uncertainty. Is that a fanny pack Abby is wearing??? :)
    This is a great shot, Teresa! You have beautiful Shelties!!!!

  8. Halo looks very very patient :)

  9. What a cute pair! Abby, try not to drive Halo crazy with your antics.

  10. Abby is a cutie… she sure knows how to stand up for herself!
    Halo is being the kind and sweet sheltie playmate.
    Teresa, you sure have two very cute pups!!!! Enjoy.

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