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Scenes From Yesterday’s Coronation

Meet Lucy Lou, the pumpkin princess!

Shetland Sheepdog in costume

Love the costume, Angie!

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  1. She looks so royal in her costume. I bet she got lots of Sheltie treats dressed like that.

  2. What a beautiful, if somewhat miffed, princess. My boys are in love & suggest lots of treats to please the royal princess!

  3. Stunning!!! What a good sport….Cookies, cookies and more cookies!! =)

  4. The pumpkin princess looks so regal. I feel like I may have to bow down to her. Look at those cute little tulle sleeves. She is such a good girl to sit so pretty for a pic but she looks digusted. Lucy Lou, you are adorable!!!

  5. She is adorable! I can not believe she actually let you dress her in clothing–much less sit still for a picture. Hope she enjoys halloween.

  6. I’m utterly speechless…she’s amazing!

  7. I don’r know which made me laugh louder, the picture or the caption!

  8. I curtsy to Your Highness! I am glad you’re not dressed as a scary jack-o-lantern, that would frighten the kiddos.

  9. Oh my goodness! Adorable. A very pretty princess!!

  10. What a beautiful princess Lucy Lou makes. We can’t see a whole lot of her but from where I sit, looks like a wonderful smile and a case of stinkeye. Lots of cookies Angie, lots of cookies.


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