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Sunny Side Up

Sun beams gently warm furry Naturo.

Shetland Sheepdog in sun

We should all be so content, DK!

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  1. Yes, Naturo sure looks majestic sitting there. Aw, this is the good life….

  2. What a beatiful photo..Thank you for sharing…And..Naturo is gorgeous…lol

  3. Natura ~~ you are so handsome!

  4. Naturo sure is enjoying the sunshine!

    Funny, several of my shelties fall asleep in the sun and I can not understand it… you would think they would be too warm.

    Enjoy the sunshine Naturo and remember the shade is only a few steps away!

  5. Mine loves to ‘sunbathe’ too, they always look so content and peaceful when they do it :)

  6. Naturo looks so sweet basking in the sunshine!

  7. Oh my, how regal Naturo looks!! This is one beautiful sheltie with a lovely coat!!!!

  8. AW-W-W, what a little beauty. So relaxed, content and lovin’ life. I’d say it doesn’t get much better than this.

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