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The More You Know [Head tilt]

Naiche & Naruto say: “Wait. Did you say brush & trim today?”

Naruto in the right says: “Well, I’m not feeling that.”

Shetland Sheepdogs head tilt

It’s all in your perspective right, DK?

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  1. Oh my GOSH! The both melt my heart!! Nice capture of the expressions on their beautiful little faces!

  2. So very sweet…… the eyes say it all! My 2 babies say the same thing! DK many happy years with your beautiful babies…….

  3. What two precious shelties you have! They look very much like our two. I hope the shock of grooming was not too much for them. Ours do not like it. Thanks for sharing your very very gorgeous sogs. I love the tilted head.

  4. Are they backed into a corner with no escape possible? I think they’re too stunned by the news to run off. Far far away from the brush & scissors, to a dog park off in the distance, where Shelties have fun without fear of grooming days.

  5. OMG, DOUBLE trouble and DOUBLE cuteness!

  6. Double cuteness!!! These beauties took away my monday morning blues!!!!!

  7. Naiche … you have a face that would melt any heart! So sweet!

    Naruto … I understand your reluctance… my boys are due for a bath and trim this week!

    DK – what beautiful pups you have!

  8. What a great shot of your 2 beautiful babies. As we always say, it is in the eyes for these precious little souls. I think the Shelties can say more with those 2 little eyes than most people can say with 100 words. I’m guessing there is never a dull moment at your house.

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