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Big smiles from Ben because he has a new puppy, Max!

Shetland Sheepdog puppy and boy

Years of happy memories yet to be made, Ronna!  :))

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  1. Boy does that bring back memories. The pose is exactly the same our son had. He was 7 when we got our Lucy that was with us for 15 1/2 years. Lucy has since passed and we are waiting for our 2nd sheltie to be born as I write this. He has grown up and moved away, but is excited for us to get another one. Feel the love in this pic……

  2. Love Max!! And the boy too of course…LOL :)

  3. Happiness radiating from that picture! A boy and his dog…. what could be better? I know Max will be a great service dog, in many ways for Ben. It’s a win-win deal!

  4. What can be better than a boy & his dog? They are a handsome pair!

  5. They look very happy together. May they enjoy many, many years of love and friendship

  6. These two cuties brightened my monday morning. What a perfect picture… You can feel the love. Every child should grow up with dog. The learning and rewards are endless. I am jealous of Ben. :) That’s one beautiful sheltie puppy you’ve got there!!!

  7. Adorable picture of both of them!! So very happy for them both & rest
    of family!!! Looks like years of fun!! Enjoy every day!

  8. Ben is my great nephew and suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Max will play an important role in his life – he is to be trained as Ben’s service dog.

  9. 2 cute little guys! Have a very fun time together. Very sweet!!!

  10. Your litlle pal Max is just beautiful Ben, and boy..are you two going to have many many years of lots of fun together..Love your picture, and you gave me another Ahhhh day…big time!

  11. Lots of fun and happy times are in store for those two. Shelties and kids are a match made in heaven!

  12. OMG Ben, I think you have the BEST looking little Max in the whole world!! Make sure you send us lots of pics!! Have fun, fun, fun…….. =)

  13. The utter JOY in Ben’s beaming face warmed my heart ~and, Max’s beauty made it melt! Their love story has only begun! What lucky, lucky boys!!!

  14. we have two handsome males today! Thank you for sharing them with all of us. I hope that Max brings only wonderful memories and happiness to your family. He is darling.

  15. Thank you Kelly. Max has made such a difference already with Ben. He is a well loved member of their family.

  16. They look so content together. Max is a beauty! Enjoy!

  17. WOW! Who’s going to have more fun here? I already see the complete Sheltie package, Max is going to make one fine looking Adult and with he and Ben running close first and seconds, we have one handsome winning combination going on here. Watch out ladies, heartthrobs in the making!

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