Sheltie Nation

We (Heart) Shelties

With faces like these, what’s not to love!

Shetland Sheepdogs and paper heart

We (heart) Travis & Aslan too, Craig & Christine! ;)

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  1. Two great looking Shelties!!! And kudos for getting them to pose together. My girls never seem to cooperate for any pictures.

  2. What a pair of lovely Shelties! Posed with their heart, reminds me how much I heart mine too!

  3. I love this photo!! These are two beautiful shelties!!!!

  4. Yes indeed ! Who could resist loving these two little beauties…Thank you for another Ahhh moment for us today! lol

  5. Love, love these beautiful shelties!! I used think of my first sheltie as Aslan after reading The Chronicles Of Narnia. Enjoy your gorgeous, sweet shelties for many, many, many years. Thanks for sharing them with us.

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