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Wonder Nap Powers, Activate!

Shhh. Flash and Annie Frannie are mind-melding.

Shetland Sheepdogs sleeping

Beautiful rescue dogs, Marti!

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  1. Gorgeous! We had a tri-colored female who had a white snout. It’s not often that I see one, and it always take my breath away with nostalgia.

  2. Beautiful babies! Rescues are the best….. God Bless you for giving them a forever home.

  3. Marti,

    We all know that nap time together is a picture waiting to happen. I love it when ours curl up next to each other, but it’s usually when I don’t have easy access to my camera!

    Kudos for adopting them and giving them a wonderful forever home. We work with a local sheltie rescue and are very grateful to folks like you.

  4. Adorable … aren’t they beautiful when they are sleeping!

  5. Thanks for all the nice comments! I love Sheltie Nation and all of the people who send their wonderful sheltie pictures in. Flash and Annie Frannie are just half of a “team” of four…they are both two years old and FULL of IT!

  6. Both are absolutely gorgeous! Enjoy and thanks for making them part of your home.

  7. They sure are adorable together and what beautiful markings and coats….Enjoy your two best friends!

  8. What a beautiful pair!!!

  9. ..Good morning to all us Sheltie lovers..another awww moment today.

    Flash and Annie are both so pretty, and look so peaceful in dreamland..May you all have many happy and wonderful years ahead!

  10. There beautiful, the way the one is position it looks like her/his fur is wiping eye

  11. They are beautiful! What an adorable picture!!

  12. Flash and Annie are just BEAUTIFUL…

    My heart knows, these two rescue shelties have found the security and LOVE in their new forever home.

    I just love to see how bonded they are to each other and now to you!Rescue shelties are the BEST!

    A BIG HUG and Thank YOU for opening your heart and home to these dear sweet souls…. Bless you….

    … and thanks for sharing such a wonderful picture to brighten our Sunday!

  13. The only thing more beautiful than our little Shelties asleep, is our Shelties awake. Flash and Annie are both gorgeous, the little tipped ears always gets me and their face blazes just make them stand out all the more. Good for you Mari for rescue, you now have your 2 BFF’s for life.

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