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Black and white and viewed all over!

Kasey’s crossed paws are a nice artistic touch, don’t you think?

Sheltie with crossed paws

Pretty, Stephanie!

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  1. So very pretty. Reminds me of Lassie.

  2. Gorgeous picture. Kasey is darling!

  3. Awww, one ear is tipped, and the other is pricked. Which one shall I rub? =)

    Anyone else look at that photo and think “OMG TICKS”? I have fought the battle of the tick all summer. SoCal has had a bumper crop this year. Bleaaagh. I don’t think it bothers them as much as it bothers me. They love running around on the delightfully mysterious and fragrant brushy trails…..

  4. Nice black and white shot, such a pretty dog!

  5. Kasey is a beautiful sheltie. Yes, I adore his crossed paws. That must be a typical sheltie trait. Thanks for sharing him with us right before Thanksgiving!

  6. Kasey, you’re too cute! Yes, the crossed paws do add a nice artistic touch!

  7. Shelties are beautiful in color or black and white, and Kasey is no exception!

  8. Kasey looks so proud and regal!!!
    I love black and whites and do a lot of my photos like this! Love it ,,and another Ahhh moment!

  9. What a great postcard this little beauty would make. I love Kasey’s smile, she seems to have a far off look in her eyes, as if she’s deep in thought. And yes, the crossed paws are a nice touch, they just add to the overall serenity that seems to be happening all around in Kasey’s own little world.

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