Sheltie Nation

But I Can’t Get Comfortabuhls!

Poor Abby, Flash and Taylor are couch hogs!

Shelties on couch

Definitely no room for you either, Peggy!

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  1. Just thought I would add a bit…The only time Kelly with stay up on our couch is if I have treats…The…she will stay there until there is not a smitch of a morsel or crumb left…Then…She leaps off like a flash!!!
    Same at night..She jumps up on the bed..has her little hugs and she leaps like a flash and jumps up on the ledge by the window and stays there all nbight just wait for a mouse or a deer to dare to sneak by her beady little eyes and ears..TOO FUNNY…haha nose gets out of joint to boot!!…lol

  2. Thanks for sharing your beautiful couch shelties. they are beautiful and seem very comfortable taking over the space. Hope they let you sit down with them sometime.

  3. This is the cutest picture, Abby’s face says it all!! And she is the smallest, they could squeeze over a tad bit to fit her in. Doesn’t look likely though. Funny,

  4. Poor Abby indeed!
    Looks like my sofa… no room for mom when you have three shelties in your home! Would not want it any other way….
    Yep, like potato chips… one is never enough…

  5. Aawww Abby, it’s tough sharing isn’t it. Go bark out the window, you’ll be able to jump back on the couch & spread out while Flash & Taylor try to figure out who they’re barking at!

    Well that’s what Roxy does at our house & it works for her :)

  6. How do you get them to stay on the couch? Our 3 will not get on of stay on the couch.

  7. I feel for Abbey as we have a couple of couch AND bed hogs! LOL

  8. What beautiful shelties!!! Is this their couch??? LOL!!!

  9. And it’s not like Flash and Taylor are asleep and oblivious to their butts hoggin’ up all the space. Oh no. Those little beady eyes show they know what’s going on.

  10. Time to get a bigger couch!

  11. Looks like our house! Very sweet picture :)

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