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Hi, I’m trouble. Heard you were looking for me?

Oh no, Logan! You are no trouble at all!

Sheltie puppy

What a face, Janice!

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  1. Looks like a cute little cuddly bundle of joy to me!

  2. With a sweet face like that I bet Logan gets away with murder!! LOL

  3. Welcome to the Big Wide World puppy-boy! Enjoy the zoomie’s and all the other wonderful things life has to offer! :)

  4. Oh I can see it in that face! We’d welcome u trouble anytime in any of our Sheltie homes and hearts!!!

  5. Oh how sweet! I have a sheltie named Logan as well and he has the white split. Your Logan will grow up to be a beauty! Enjoy!

  6. Can I come over and lay my head on your belly and rub your neck?

  7. Logan, you are adorable,loved and full of energy I bet…

  8. Oh my goodness!!! What a precious baby sheltie!!! He looks like he’s a handful.

  9. that’s the face of one happy little fur-baby, I predict many fun fill days ahead. BTW, who is in the background?

    thanks for sharing,

  10. Hi there Handsome! I’ll take your trouble all day long. What a little cutie Logan is. The big smile, the tipped ears and the sparkling eyes, I’d be in 7th Heaven to find this little package in my living room every day. Also looks like another little cutie that Logan is laying on! Lucky you Janice. Lots of long happy years with your babies.

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