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I Got Your Back

Piper the Sheltie (adopted from Kansas City Sheltie Rescue), finds her new BFF with foster Collie, Lady.

Sheltie and Collie

Hugs to you Debbie for adopting AND being a foster parent!

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  1. They are beautiful and look so happy. It’s wonderful that they were lucky enough to find each other and be able to stay together. Thank you for all you do for our wonderful furry friends.

  2. Your little sheltie now has someone to watch out for her..Congrats on your adoption, and many many years of lots of fun and happiness for the two of them..I had a beutiful friend Lassie collie growing up and still miss him dearly after all these years! ENJOY!!!!

  3. Two beautiful doggies! Kudos to you for such a big heart!

  4. Oh, be still my heart! What could be better than having a sheltie AND a collie?! I keep saying I’m getting a collie pup to terrorize my sheltie the way she has delighted in terrorizing my border collie. :)

  5. What a gorgeous duo! Kudos for Adoption and Fostering!

  6. I salute you for your most unselfish act.! they are beautiful creatures!
    God bless.

    • Boy, I bet you turn heads with this pair!! Both beautiful and sweet looking. Our friends have 9 Collies that are rescues and they are sweet with our Shelties. It’s so nice they are BFFs. :-)

  7. Perhaps illustration to show the “subtle” differences between the two breeds!

  8. Debbie, that is a huge Collie or/and an extra small Sheltie. Bigga size difference – amazing. Both dogs are darling…….

  9. Adoption–permanent. Fostering–temporary. Please keep these beautiful pups together. I had a Collie years ago and now have a Sheltie. Both absolutely wonderful dogs. (And you can make pillows with all that hair you’ll get from grooming.) :D

  10. Debbie, KUDO’S to you for adoption and fostering. Piper is a little doll baby and Lady is very regal looking. Thanks to you, both of these beautiful furbabies will never have to be without again . . . and lucky you, you got TWO new BFF’s out of the deal. Life is good!

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