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I Really Need to Finish Harry Potter

Cooper loves to “read” (aka: getting in the way of your reading).

Sheltie reading a book

Awe, Denise he wants to go back Hogwarts!

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  1. Ah Cooper. My Bentley loves to read too. It would be really sweet if you could read to your mommy.

  2. OOOPSIES I meant to type Cooper!!!!

  3. Love this photo !!! Piper..would you read us a story please? lol

  4. Cooper is so cute! I always knew Shelties are the smartest breed & this proves it! :-)

  5. What a cutie Cooper is! And so smart to be reading advanced material at a young age.

  6. Cooper is soooooooo adorable. Shelties are highly intelligent!!! I love this photo!!

  7. Looks like my little troublemaker! Errmm..I mean, bookworm lap puppy. :) My pup enjoys diving in nose first to any magazine/book/something that takes my attention away from him. Enjoy the couch, Coop! And don’t let anyone tell you it’s not fair to share the seat. :P

  8. That is just the cutest little page turner I’ve ever seen . . . where can I get one? Cooper is a little doll. Look at those eyes, he really looks like he is concentrating on that page. Better be careful Denise, as smart as our Sheltie’s are, he’s learning fast, he’ll be speed reading in no time!

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