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Meanwhile, at the Slumber Party…

Victoria had her BFF, SuBear, over for a scary movie (Cujo) and some yummy snacks!

Shelties on bed with popcorn

Girls just wanna have fun, Lisa!

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  1. This one along with the great caption really made me laugh out loud! And got sent to some friends doncha know as well. :-) Very well done.

  2. So adorable! Looks like it could turn into a slumber party ;)

  3. Beautiful shelties!! This is so cute! Sometimes I think of how our dogs have better lives than some people!!!

  4. Cujo, LOL. This makes me want to get a TV in my bedroom so we can all snuggle up with a movie!

  5. They’re awfully well-behaved “party girls”!

  6. What a great idea! I know scary movies are easier to handle with friends.

  7. This is the cutest photo!!! They are just adorable and look like they are really intent on watching the movie. I am sure they had great fun.

  8. LOL
    Awesome Pic, how did you keep out of the treats ;)

  9. I hope they do not have nightmares!…too cute for words!

  10. I only let mine watch Lassie, as they have nightmares :-)

  11. Picture perfect..Gee..I wish I was there to watch the movie with you two! I like scary movies along with the treats…
    My ahhh moment for today!…lol
    Love the looks on their faces!

  12. Victoria and SuBear look like they are really paying attention to the movie, they are just waiting for the scary parts so they can hide their eyes! These are 2 beautiful little furbabies. I have always thought my favorite Sheltie color was the mahogany / sable colors, but am I quickly falling in love with these little bi-blacks. My furbaby always had a bowl of popcorn and a small bowl, 1/4 cup of Dr. Pepper, boy did she think she was right uptown!!

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