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Mom, are we there yet?

Cody and I were out for a ride the other day and while we were stopped at a light, he gave me “the look”.

Sheltie giving the look

Awe, Candi.

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  1. What a cute picture if only they could talk!

  2. Cody, will you let your momma give you a kiss on the nose from me and Beau

  3. Love the Sheltie look , and the eyes always say it all! He is very handsome!

  4. Just LOOK at that face! Who could not love that face? I swear that shelties can look right into your soul.

  5. What a beautiful sheltie!!! Those eyes just melt my heart. I want to give Cody a huge hug :)

  6. Melts your heart. Cody is a special cutie, for sure. So, WERE you almost there?? LOL.

  7. Aww, Cody can give me that ‘look’ anytime. What a sweet face!

  8. I know that Cody must “melt your heart.” He is so beautiful and has the sweetest expression on his little face. Thank you for sharing him with us.

  9. What adoring eyes!
    You can certainly see the love for you Candi in little Cody’s glance.

  10. Oh Candi, you are so-o-o in trouble! My question is this . . . do you even know why? Cody is so handsome and I do love “the look”, he seems to have it down pat! Even with the look in those little sparkly brown eyes, I can still see the love he has for his momma . . . aren’t you the lucky one?

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