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Nose-vember already?

Dale, we couldn’t resist the pun! :)

Shetland Sheepdog closeup

Love those teefies too, Amanda!

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  1. LOL!!! Too cute!!!

  2. What a cute photo ~ thanks for sharing & the smile of the day!

  3. Nothing like new sheltie teeth and nose and ears and eyes and everything else. Ah, so cute, sense of humor too I see.

    Cute name too – Dale. Arrgh. Cuteness overload.

  4. Those are some white teeth!! Great close up shot.

  5. Now , that is one big toothy grin Dale…and bet you are a real clown!

  6. What an adorable sheltie. love that sheltie nose and those gorgeous little teeth!! Thanks for sharing your baby with us.

  7. What a ham!! Dale is such a cutie pie!! Those teefies and that coat are an immaculate white!!!! Great shot!!!

  8. Love that nose and little white teefs :)

  9. heheee what a cute smile! Hope she got some belly rubs too, and a ‘boop’ on her cute nose

  10. Now that is a beautiful baby! =)

  11. Cute Pic of Amanda. Just please don’t sneeze!

  12. What a fun shot! I bet little Dale is a real clown! I too love the teefies and that big Sheltie smile! Looks like he’s rolled over in to the standard position for the expected belly rub . . . and I know you obliged him Amanda, after all, how could you say no to that gorgeous face?

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