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Improve any landscape by adding a pretty Sheltie.

Sheltie in the woods

Grayson is very handsome, Meagan!

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  1. Thanks everyone! We love our Grayson, very loyal! Couldn’t ask for a better pup :)

  2. Grayson looks so regal standing there. What a beautiful sheltie! Love his markings.

  3. Oh, he looks a lot like my Sean. I love the way the blue merles look in landscape. Really, any Sheltie! Just gorgeous.

  4. He’s beautiful,I love the colors in his coat.
    Grayson is very handsome indeed.

  5. What a handsome Sheltie boy!!! He’s a definite compliment to any landscape!!!

  6. Yes, Grayson sure is a beautiful and regal looking blue merle sheltie. My Molly was a blue merle, she passed away 3 years ago today. She sure got alot of compliments as I am sure Grayson does, too. He looks deep in thought, maybe meditating?

  7. Wow!! Grayson is one handsome sheltie. He is very regal looking and seems very dignified. I can just see him in black tie and “tails.” Thanks for sharing his beauty with us. Enjoy!!

  8. That scene looks peaceful and serene but with Grayson in the foreground—well, it becomes absolutely gorgeous.

  9. My goodness, Grayson is one handsome Sheltie!

  10. Grayson is very proud of his domain…besides being a very handsome fellow indeed!

  11. Grayson is very handsome is an understatement. He has one of the best coats I’ve seen on a Blue Merle

  12. Wow, he looks SO dignified and handsome!

  13. So true! He is beautiful!!!

  14. How true! What a beautiful boy Grayson is; he certainly completes the landscape.

  15. Grayson is master of his domain… And rather handsome he is!

  16. WOW! Look at all that Sheltie beauty and regalness that Grayson is displaying, what a stunning gentleman he is. I know you must be so proud Meagan. I know there is no snow, but if you were looking for your Christmas card this year, there it is.

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