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Sea Dog!

Jake enjoys an evening walk on the beach. He doesn’t like to get his paws wet, but loves to herd the seabirds.  

Unfortunately no birds to herd tonight,  just mommy!

Sheltie on beach at sunset

He still looks like he is having fun, Nancy. :)

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  1. Beautiful Sheltie …and beautiful photo!

  2. A beautiful picture….Jake is in heaven there on the beach..We live on the beach, and nothing more fun than waiting in hiding to chase the critters for Kelly..especially the geese, as they sneak up into the yard, and she lies and waits behind the Sweetgum tree ..ready to watch they scatter every which way when she runs out of hiding…

  3. Jake is such a beauty. I love his gorgeous nose and wonderful smile! So glad he enjoys herding the birds.

  4. This is absolutely beautiful.. so serene.. so perfect. I wish I was there. Jake is a lovely sheltie!!!

  5. Awww – beautiful!

  6. WOW –
    Wish we were all this lucky to be able to spend time at the seaside!
    Jake looks happy as can be…
    Many more years of beach trotting to you Nancy and Jake!

  7. Jake looks very handsome in front of the water!

  8. What a beautiful photo!!

  9. What a lovely picture ~ one to be framed!

  10. Nancy, with the ocean rolling in the background and the sun setting on little Jake’s face, this had made a beautiful picture. With the big grin, it looks like he is saying, OK birds, I’m ready, let’s get to it.

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