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The Bermuda Triangle of Cute?

OK, I’ll gladly get lost in between Little Miss, Skipper Boy and Sister Sue!

3 Shelties in the grass

Hugs to you for adopting again, Ginny! Skipper is a lucky man!

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  1. Oh what a bunch of cuties!

  2. So sweet and lovely. Each one of these fur babies are so pretty. I love the expressions on their faces.

  3. What an awesome trio! Congrats

  4. Gosh how nice to be surrounded by this little group! They are all so cute and attentive. Shelties are definitely great in multiples! Congratulations and kudos to you for adopting Skipper Boy.

  5. Congrats on giving another Sheltie a forever home! What a handsome trio you now have.

  6. Ginny.

    Yep… adoption is one sure way to make your heart feel great!
    I just love how shelties accept another so easily… gotta love them!

    I have adopted 4 shelties. I can not think of a better way make a positive impact on their lives and yours!

    Many happy years to you and your sheltie clan… Little Miss, Skipper Boy and Sister Sue.

  7. Love those faces!! Three IS a charm ;)

  8. Ginny, congratulations on your adoption! What a gorgeous set of “triplets” you have, and just the right porportion, 2 girly girls and 1 very handsome boy . . . Little Miss with her big happy smile, Sister Sue seems to have a glint in her eyes and Skipper Boy saying, Man, look how lucky I am to be in the middle of so much beauty. I wish many long, happy years to you and your family.

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