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There, There.


Awe Allie, do you need a cuddle?

Sheltie with head on pillow

Or nothing a cookie couldn’t cure, right Margie?

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  1. Allie is a beautiful sheltie. And yes, I think they all give us this look that makes us so guilty. Give her a big hug and nose kiss from me!

  2. Allie – YES… we need a cuddle!
    Love ‘that look’!
    I get it from my Big Guy ‘CHANCE’!
    We need to STOP and HUG the Sheltie!
    …or Shelties if we are lucky enough to have more than one!!!!
    Margie, you are one lucky owner… Allie is a real cutie.

  3. Aaawwww… that face melts my heart. Poor baby but Allie you are a beautiful sheltie!!!

  4. Oh, if you need some cuddling to keep you company, I’ll come over

  5. What a darlin! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Oh those eyes just melt my heart! What a sweetie!

  7. AWWWW Allie It is okay…He will be back soon! Let,s go play and have some fun till he gets back home!
    When we come home Kelly is alkways laying by the back door waiting for us and always makes me feel guilty! Then she does her circle thing and smothers us all with lots of kisses!

  8. Allie is looking so sad because her buddy, our grandson had just left for school.

  9. Isn’t amazing how a Sheltie can make you feel so guilty and you have not done anything wrong. My (3) do it to me all the time.

  10. Aw-w-w Allie, why so sad? Won’t anyone come out and play with you? Their problem, not yours, just look at all the fun they are missing!

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