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Wait—sunbeam AND a Sheltie? MUST BE HEAVEN!

Scotch, you are so handsome!

Sheltie in sunbeam

;) Stephanie

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  1. What a gorgeous sheltie you are!! You look very happy and healthy, as well. Thanks for letting us meet you today.

  2. The way the light is in the photo, it totally makes him look like an angel.

  3. Scotch looks like he was having a blast in this photo. Love the light shining down on his face.

  4. What a beautiful photo of a handsome boy…if that is what heaven looks like, sign me up!

  5. Yes, but did we run out of “featured fuzzies” ???

  6. What a lovely picture.Scotch is a very handsome fellow, and a very lucky one too!
    a nother Ahhhh day to begin my day!
    Thankyou for sharing with all of us!

  7. What a beautiful photo, and a cutie-patootie handsome boy! It’s like there are 2 rays of sunshine in that photo. =)

  8. What a handsome boy Scotch is. His ruff is so long & pretty, his eyes twinkle, and the sunbeams highlight his smile!

  9. Shelties are so beautiful and Scotch is living proof of that.

  10. This is heavenly!! Beautiful sheltie, beautiful day, beautiful yard. Scotch looks so happy!! :)

  11. What a beautiful moment!! Love it ;)

  12. Scotch,
    You are one blessed sheltie to have such a wonderful yard to play in!
    My shelties would be in heaven too if they had a yard like that.

    Wonderful picture as you can just see the sunshine in Scotch’s eyes!
    Stephanie you must be so proud … Scotch is one handsome pup!
    Thanks for brightening our day with sunshine and Scotch!

  13. What a handsome young man Scotch is. What a beautiful picture this is, that is a magnificent coat, and looks like just the right amount of Sheltie humor with the big smile and shining eyes.

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