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Walk Like a Sheltie

Head and tail up? Check.

Twinkle in eye and Sheltie Smile? Check.

Blue Sheltie troting

Awe Megan, Pepper looks so happy!

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  1. Such a sassy picture! Love all that joy!

  2. One gorgeous fella! Lucky you!

  3. That beautiful pic. of that beautiful Sheltie just made my day!
    Thank you so much!

  4. I love it what a happy little guy!

  5. Peppy is a beautiful fellow, and what a proud and happy looking boy he looks!
    Nice shot!

  6. Thanks for sharing pepper with us. He or she is a beauty. The coloring and markings are so pretty. from the look in “his” eyes, I bet he has lots of personality and rules his family well!!

  7. I’m having an awful day but this photo put the biggest smile on my face. Shelties are the best and Pepper is the cream of the crop. What a great photo!!!! He has personality and looks!! What a doll baby plus the perfect name!!!

  8. Wow, Pepper is a good-looking Sheltie!

  9. Love it! There’s nothing like a happy Sheltie with a big smile ;)

  10. Pepper is one exuberant pup! Great action shot!

  11. Pepper sure has that walk down pat. What a beautiful blue merle sheltie. What an awesome photo!

  12. What a beauty, this is a baby I could party with! LOL Megan, I suspect there is never a dull moment at your house as long as Pepper is around. I’m sorry, I don’t know if Pepper is a him or a her but the coloring is striking and the markings are beautiful. Extra cookies just for being such a love.

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