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Why Do Leaves Really Fall Off Trees?

To make a cushy bed for Kenny, of course!

Sheltie in fall leaves

:0) Monika

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  1. Kenny is so beautiful and the leaves really show off his colorful coat. I also love his eyes and his entire expression!!

  2. What beautiful eyes!!!!!!!!!!!! Kenny is such an adorable fur baby!!!

  3. Love that look, Kenny is a stunning lad!

  4. What a pretty boy! Kenny sure makes a striking fall poster boy!

  5. You are a cutie Kenny, and yes the leaves sure do match your fluffy coat!

  6. Kenny is sure a pretty boy!!

  7. The leaves really accent your coat Kenny!

  8. Oh Monika, what a striking Sheltie Kenny is. When I tuned in to the SN site, he just took my breath, that sweet little angelic face and those little tipped ears always do it for me.

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