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ANOTHER perfect Christmas Card!

We got a little bit of snow here in Maine this past weekend, so it was a perfect photo op and all 4 were quite cooperative!

From left to right: Cricket, Fenway, Bonnie and Kody.

Sheltie Christmas picture

Beautiful, Kathy-Jo! :)

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  1. Such pretty little things!

  2. wow, the all look so serious. I wonder what they are thinking.

  3. What a beautiful foursome you are blessed to share your home with and no doubt, each with a personality as individual as their stunning coats. Look close enough behind the pack and it looks like there is already the beginnings of a zoomy track! Fun, fun, fun to be had by all.

  4. What a gorgeous, well behaved little pack you have! I don’t think I could ever get mine to sit and stay that well ;)

  5. What a beautiful pack you have!

  6. So to they share the chair, or is there only one top dog in that pack?

  7. Four beautiful Shelties!

  8. Adorable :-)

  9. These fur babies are so adorable. I love their markings. I could squeeze each one of them to smithereens. Great photo, Kathy Jo!!!!!!

  10. What a beautiful bunch. I bet they have a great time romping in the snow.

  11. What a gorgeous quartet! This could be a Christmas card.

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