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Can’t bear the snow?

Yea well, that isn’t happening here!

Sheltie running in snow

Misti looks like she is having a blast, Robin!

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  1. Misty looks like she is having a wonderful time zooming about! I know the sheltie zoom quite well. Misty, you are a beautiful snow sheltie.

  2. Sheltie powered snow zoomies – beautiful Sheltie, beautiful photo!

  3. Yeah Misty Go girl go ! ZOOOM>>>ZOOOM……ZOOOOOM

    We had a good dump of snow here last night , and Kelly couldn,t wait for me to open the door..Not only to Zooom in the snow, but to chase about a hundred geese back down the bank and right back into the lake..So funny !

    Happy New Year everyone and to all the little furry Sheltie friends of ours…lol

  4. What a great photo of a beautiful dog!

  5. OH YEA!! Snow zoomies are the BEST! Misti is sure lovin’ life right now, and what a beauty she is, such stunning markings, but wouldn’t be a true Sheltie without the trademark smile! Lucky you Robin.

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