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Christmas Leftovers

So many wonderful photos and not enough days before Christmas arrived.  So pull up a chair and feast your eyes on these yummy leftovers! ;)

Willie Nelson, Cowboy & Cody

Willie has a big smile but Cody seems to be not feeling the Joy? :)

Shelties at Christmas

Maybe he wanted the antlers, Heidi? :)

Jason, Hannah, Kaleigh and Toby.

Sheltie Christmas Card

Wow, 4 Shelties sitting perfectly, Lynn!

Laddie Boy

Sheltie in Santa Hat

Oh boy, Bill!

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  1. Like everyone else, I did so enjoy all the holiday pictures and antics of all these beautiful little furbabies. How blessed we all are that they let us share their lives.

    I am sorry I am not very computer savvy, but I watched a video a couple of hours ago on, titled Reunited with my dog after 16 months. When the person came out from behind the wall, they were being lead by a handsome little Sheltie named Marshall. He wasn’t quite sure who the lady was for a little bit, but I think he recognized the other Sheltie she had brought with her. Maybe if you google the video title you too will be able to view it.

  2. Lovely leftovers! It looks like a Merry Christmas was had by all, with a few Sheltie stink-eye situations thrown in for good measure!

    Thanks to all for the wonderful collection of photos that kept me smiling.

  3. Nice … more wonderful Christmas Shelties!

  4. More treats for us even AFTER Christmas! I loved these Christmas photos of my favorite animals. William, Cowboy and Cody were darling and so beauiful. I do think Cody wanted something different to wear on his head. jason, hannah, kaleigh, and Toby all were gorgeous in their Christmas pose. How did you keep them all so still? Laddie was very handsome under his tree. I just loved seeing them all. Thank you!!

  5. So many beautiful sheltie pictures!!!!!!

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