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Dear Mom, Please Get Me a Boys’ Bed!

Poor Deano Martino!

Sheltie on zebra stripe bed

Awe, but he is still cute, Joyce!

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  1. Totally sweet, wishing you many,many happy years with Deano!

  2. Look at that precious little face. Deano, you are beautiful!! I would take this little cutie pie any day of the week!!!

  3. He is adorable..Thanks for sharing, and may you have many many years of lots of love and fun with this lil cutie! lol

  4. What an adorable sheltie he is! I love his coloring and his beautiful little face. I bet he is so much fun for you. Thanks for sharing him with all of us.

  5. All of these pictures are just adorable! Good job to those who can pose more than one sheltie!

    Happy Holidays fellow Sheltie Admirers.

  6. What a little cutie! I can already see the smoke rolling out of the ears from all the brain power and the concentration in those little eyes . . . OK, what’s next? Where do I go from here? Joyce, wishing you and your furbaby lots of long happy years together.

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