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Hellooooo. Anybody hooome?

Our rabbit, “Max” and our Sheltie, “King” are best buds!

They were at the patio door waiting to come in from the rain.

Sheltie and bunny rabbit

OMG, James & Miranda they are so cute!

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  1. They are both so adorable! I know that your sheltie was NOT happy in that rain. King looks like our mickey does when he is wet. Thanks for sharing this wonderful twosome with us. Both are beauties.

  2. Yep, I’ve got bunnies and a Sheltie, too. The dog keeps them in line. But bossy bunnies can definitely hold their own against gentle Shelties! Everyone gets along fine. I’m in Southern California, though, so I don’t let them all rampage together in the summertime, because I worry that the buns will overheat. But in cooler months? Everybody does the zoomies.

  3. Cute overload! We’ve had bunnies over the years with our Shelties and all got along fine. Actually the dogs were a little wary of bunny zoomies! Max and King are a great pair of buddies.

  4. Max was a sheltie in his past life, I just know it. These two speak the same language.

    Cute beyond belief.

  5. I love this picture how sweet!

  6. Love this!! What better way to start my day! Thanks for sharing..They are adorable…

    • OMG!!! That picture is great!!! What a gentle soul King is. Not sure I’d trust any of my dogs with a rabbit! Max & King are so cute!!! Love the clever captions too! Thanks so much for sharing this picture!

  7. Oh so cute!! You must get hours of joy watching these two together!

  8. This is the cutest picture! That is so wonderful that they are buddies!

  9. They are are way too cute. I think my heart burst from cute overload. Your Max is such a good sweetie, too. I’m surprised he didn’t run away. Are they outside alone?

    So precious!

  10. What a pair of cuties! I want a rabbit so bad, now I can show this to DH & campaign for one.

    I love both expressions, they aren’t happy at being rained on.

  11. This is so adorable. I would love to see these two interacting together.

  12. What a cute pair! I bet they have loads of fun together in the yard! How can you resist those two pairs of adorable eyes staring at you?

  13. Thank you so much for starting my day with this fun picture of Max and King. Miranda, are you catching that stink eye that King is throwing your way as if to say, You need to hurry up and open this door, can’t you see it is raining and we DON’T want to melt? However, I do love the expressions on both their faces . . . your little Max is a little cutie-patootie too.

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