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Hibernation Isn’t Just for Bears Anymore

Jackson naps incognito!

Bi-blue Sheltie sleeping on pillow

Awe, blue on blue, Pam!

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  1. Thanks for sharing jackson on his blue background. This makes quite a wonderfulo shot. He is such a beautiful sheltie!

  2. What a beautiful sheltie~~ I love this photo!!! Jackson has his own sofa and pillow!!

  3. Jackson… can we curl up and take a nap with you?
    Such a sweet face… sweet dreams!

  4. Another AHHHH moment for me again…Jackson is beautiful, ..Sweet Dreams Jackson! Love his coloring too!

  5. Be careful where you sit? Jackson is really a pretty blue, with just the right amount of black to make the coat a knock-out. Pleasant dreams Jackson.

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