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How could I pick just one?

Renee sent so many beautiful photos of her fur-babies I couldn’t just pick one.

What makes them even better is she got all three of them from Sheltie Rescue of  Central Indiana!

Pick your favorite photo!

Mattie – sable Merle 6 years old.Christmas Sheltie
Clyde – shaded sable 6 year old litter mate to Mattie.Christmas Sheltie
Cammie – A blue Merle 9 year old starvation survivor!Christmas rescue Sheltie

The whole gang!Christmas rescue Sheltie

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  1. Please, Santa, don’t be late! These gorgeous and very well behaved Shelties are patiently waiting for their Christmas goodies to arrive. Congratulations on having these 3 beautiful faces in your family.

    Thank you for rescuing each and every one of these deserving dogs, and then sharing them with us! :-)

  2. You are a lucky person to have such beautiful babies and to rec. all the love they give you.
    Kudo’s to you!

  3. I have to agree with Robert. All three are beautiful, but Cammie won my heart! She reminds me of our little girl who passed two years ago. We have three rescues too and love ’em all!

  4. Beautiful trio of Shelties. Love all the pics because they are each special in their own way. Congrats to saving three lives. We, too, have adopted 3 lucky Shelties and one crazy blue merle we got as a pup.

  5. They are all beautiful but Cammie seems especially so !!

  6. While they are all certainly gorgeous I just want to snuggle that little Cammie! She looks like an arctic fox! Just precious!

  7. I agree with all the other comments! So, so happy you adopted these wonderful little beings. They just KNOW, somehow, that you are extra special, just like they are. I will have to admit, however, that I’m especially smitten with that Cammie’s little face :)

  8. There must be something in the Water in Indiana to grow such cute Shelties! They’re all too adorable, if I met them I’d probably try to dog-nap them they’re so sweet…..

  9. Who could pick just one???? They are all cuties!

  10. All of them are so beautiful and what a blessing for them to all be adopted together. Merry Christmas!

  11. Renee,

    Bless you for adopting these beautiful fur babies… Mattie, Cammie, and Clyde. I just love those faces… I can not pick a favorite. I know they understand how lucky they are to have been rescued by you.

    Thanks so much for offering these wonderful pictures to Sheltie Nation. Thanks Kelly for showing all the photo for SN to enjoy!

    Merry Christmas to All! And a big shout out of thanks to Sheltie Rescue of Central Indiana for the rescue of these precious souls.

  12. Wonderful family, thank you for sharing your Christmas Pics, made me smile!

  13. Renee, God Bless you girl for all that you did for these beautiful special babies!

  14. Bless you for rescuing these beautiful babies.

  15. Impossible! They are all too beautiful to pick one. Thank you for rescuing these beautiful babies. Merry Christmas!


  16. I feel the same way as you, there is NO WAY to pick just one of these gorgeous furbabies. There is so much of everything going on here, love, kisses, companionship, devotion . . . the list goes on. Renee, bless your BIG heart for opening your home and adopting these babies. We do know just much they appreciate it and it is obvious that these babies are loved, loved, LOVED! So, who’s the big winner(s) in this house?

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