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Powdered Sheltie

Matilda, the snow only makes you look sweeter!

Sheltie in snow

Lovely, Pat!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the picture of beautiful Matilda.

  2. More over-the-top adorable Sheltie Christmas pics. Love Layla and her frosted tipped ears!

  3. Matilda is such a beautiful sheltie. Thank you for sharing her with us!!

  4. You have a beautiful sheltie , look at the big smile .She is sure loving the snow.

  5. A beautiful shot of a stunning Sheltie girl! Matilda doesn’t need any costumes, she has a coat that will see her through anything. Enjoy your snow, little girl!

  6. I’m going to actually be sorry when Christmas is over because I’ll miss these wonderful “dress up” photos so much! LOVE ALL these!!! Thanks Kelly :)

  7. Look at all the fun Matilda is having in the snow and the look is saying,
    NO-O-O, I don’t want to go in!! What a sweet face Matilda has.

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