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Sheltie Christmas Party!

NJ Sheltie Rescue had a fun Holiday party!

Candi looks so cute!

Rescue Sheltie at Christmas party

Bailey waits for Santa by the tree.

Sheltie and Christmas tree

Butterscotch makes a cute elf!

Sheltie in Christmas costume

Thanks to Lauren!

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  1. AWWWW !! Priceless…Merry Xmas!

  2. Goodness, those are three lovely Shelties!

  3. What beautiful shelties! Each one of these fur babies are so precious and adorable!!!

  4. Bailey had a wonderful time at the party! He loved hanging out with all of the other shelties. Looks can be deceiving though – not sure there’s a shy bone in his body! It was great seeing all of the other rescue shelties & their families again.

  5. What a beautiful sight! Candi is a little beautiful doll baby who shows her happiness on her sweet face! Thanks for rescuing her. I know she has just been a delight to you. Butterscotch has got to be the cutuest elf in the world. He looks so attentive in the photo as he maybe waits for a treat. What a beauty he is . Pretty Bailey looks so sweet as he waits by the tree. He looks a little shy with all the activity going on. I hope he had a wonderful time. Thanks to all of you for rescuing these little angels and thanks for sharing their beauty and happiness with those of us who adore them.

  6. Thats our Candi , AKA Candace Cane.she 15, rescued from a kill pound at 6. just recovering from major surgery…………she swallowed something…became an obstruction….but shes a trooper,,,,,,,, and wouldn’t miss the NJ Shelty Rescue Christmas Party for all the biscuits in the world!!

    • Candi is so cute… just LOVE that face! Who would not want to adopt her. I just want to pick her up and hug and kiss her!!!

      Thanks for being such GREAT sheltie parents!

      Adoption is the best. How such a sweet soul ended up in a kill shelter is beyond my comprehension. Bless you Laura & Walt for giving her such a loving home! Give her a big hug and kiss from me!

      Merry Christmas!!!!!!!
      Love, Gloria, Laddie, Chance and Logan

  7. Aw-w-w, look at cutie pie Candi, she is not just smiling for the camera, she is laughing for us, isn’t she gorgeous? Little Bailley just makes that tree pop right out of the picture, and you know Butterscotch, with the look of expatation, is just waiting for someone to drop that cookie. NJ Holiday Party, sure looks like everyone had a good time.

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