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Grace – Tree herder extraordinaire!

Sheltie and Christmas tree

Happy holidays, Denise!

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  1. Thanks for all the nice comments about our little Grace-Face. She is always a big help.

  2. Just like a Sheltie to always be by our side. This little cutie has such a nice fuzzy butt!!

  3. Nice photo, and yes ..just as cute going both ways for sure!

  4. I just love how Shelties herd anything and everything. Such a strong instinct. My Nellie herds the vacuum, the lawn mower, the garbage cans, etc, etc. It’s amazing to watch.

    • Heh. Yeah. Don’t be in a hurry to mop, vacuum, rake, etc. I never stop laughing at the INSANE need to herd…..everything that moves.

      The Roomba could never finish cleaning because it just got herded into a little circle of confusion. And then died in a snit of indignation and furballs.

  5. Grace is a beautiful color and has a lovely tail and tipped ears. She is the color of most we have had. My second sheltie was also named Grace!

    Thanks for sharing your very special tree herder with us!

  6. I think Grace chose the best tree in the lot this year!

  7. Wow Grace, just as cute going as you are coming . . . and aren’t you a good little girl to help herd the tree, to be sure it makes it home safe. She is just too cute, she looks like such a little thing and I loved the tipped ears and such a pretty coat color.

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